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Upcoming phpbb 3.0.6 update is now on schedule..
Extra Special Hosting Plans are now available..
Upcoming Extra Pro-Foroomy hosting packages..
Moderators new feature: Ban Hammer in MCP - prevent spammers.. Admin Center inside ACP..
New feature: Add static pages in your forum (seo friendly)..
New option: Place my own advertisements on my forum..
Updated Foroomy Chat version..
Announcements Center feature installed..
Quick Reply installed on all hosted forums..
Moderation and Promotion staff needed..
New feature: Extra header menu on forums..
Facebook style Status Feature on forums..
Hosted forums are now updated to phpbb 3.0.5..
New smilies(485) added on our hosted forums..
New: Add Users through ACP.. newsletter

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1. helpx
Users: 212, posts: 8953
HEL-PX from "Hellenic Phalanx", a greek pc gaming clan forum.

2. tis
Users: 203, posts: 6133
The Isle of Sunset is a Persistent World for NeverwinterNights. It offers a hard core RP style, permanent death, very low magic, low levels.

3. lfe
Users: 52, posts: 1989
Eve-Online Corp. Forum

4. amdwow
Users: 1490, posts: 1741
Unofficial AMDWoW Private Server Forum.

5. dingmeng1126
Users: 460, posts: 1543
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6. pokechamps
Users: 91, posts: 1308
Pokemon online forums. The next best pokemon forums out there. Pokemon roleplay, clans , clubs and also advertising on my forum.

7. wowgold1124
Users: 146, posts: 1107
Welcome to wow power leveling, We are a world class wow power leveling store online. We supply cheap wow power leveling . cheap wow gold the cheapest ...

8. tof
Users: 306, posts: 1063
Aion Twist of Fate Forum

9. lhclub
Users: 17, posts: 695
Role-playing Community

10. eights
Users: 274, posts: 642
eights gaming

11. windlist
Users: 274, posts: 600

12. redtop
Users: 239, posts: 566
redtop blog

13. granvale
Users: 535, posts: 562
A Forum dedicated to the Granvale Minecraft Server!

14. xtreamcs
Users: 288, posts: 524
xtreamcs comunity

15. wowgold20091124
Users: 142, posts: 414
Welcome to wow gold, We are a world class wow gold store online. We supply cheap wow gold . cheap wow gold the cheapest ...

16. achievefm
Users: 445, posts: 406
The newst place for Football Manager banter

17. armageddon
Users: 354, posts: 362
Armageddon is a forum-based game hosted by Zmac and Raqumine

18. pirates
Users: 242, posts: 316
Pirates Clan

19. team
Users: 26833, posts: 271
CS 1.6 Servers Community

20. sublimewow
Users: 129, posts: 253
SublimeWoW's temp. forum

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