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Upcoming phpbb 3.0.6 update is now on schedule..
Extra Special Hosting Plans are now available..
Upcoming Extra Pro-Foroomy hosting packages..
Moderators new feature: Ban Hammer in MCP - prevent spammers.. Admin Center inside ACP..
New feature: Add static pages in your forum (seo friendly)..
New option: Place my own advertisements on my forum..
Updated Foroomy Chat version..
Announcements Center feature installed..
Quick Reply installed on all hosted forums..
Moderation and Promotion staff needed..
New feature: Extra header menu on forums..
Facebook style Status Feature on forums..
Hosted forums are now updated to phpbb 3.0.5..
New smilies(485) added on our hosted forums..
New: Add Users through ACP.. newsletter

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Posts: 491833

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1. gossipgalore
Users: 3432, posts: 20573

2. avosanctuary
Users: 56, posts: 18555
World of Avocations shared by a few ajummas and ajusshi who enjoy kdramas & LLLS together.

3. trapdoor
Users: 272, posts: 1835
games, music, movies

4. gaswind
Users: 282, posts: 672
gaswind blog

5. ureanos
Users: 55, posts: 568
Todo lo que en URE no te dicen ni dejan que cuentes

6. animestudio
Users: 532, posts: 521
Anime and Manga forum

7. pro
Users: 16, posts: 442

8. asher
Users: 424, posts: 434

9. cumall
Users: 371, posts: 381
Swinging friends forum

10. panellinio
Users: 334, posts: 364
miscellaneous subjects

11. mutantteacup
Users: 216, posts: 334
i like trains

12. chroniclesofthe15
Users: 327, posts: 327
Keeping this wayward bunch of scientists connected! Courtesy of Dr Sheleika Singh INSERT INTO `hs_forums` VALUES(BSc Biomedical Science; BMedSci INSERT INTO `hs_forums` VALUES(Hons) Medical Biochemistry; PhD Advanced Cow Milking)

13. gon
Users: 307, posts: 317
The home of the Gaggle Of Noobs guild on World of Warcraft!

14. aks
Users: 306, posts: 317
A forum where one can post regarding anything. Anything which you believe should be shared in this social network. Please take care of illegal contents while posting.

15. face2face
Users: 298, posts: 302
Fun, Laughter, Chats

16. ibda3
Users: 285, posts: 298
منتديات الابداع

17. eternalmail
Users: 277, posts: 286
Obituaries of loved one

18. jatt007
Users: 267, posts: 277

19. phrsss
Users: 262, posts: 271

20. howto4life
Users: 261, posts: 264
Help for daily living

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