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Upcoming phpbb 3.0.6 update is now on schedule..
Extra Special Hosting Plans are now available..
Upcoming Extra Pro-Foroomy hosting packages..
Moderators new feature: Ban Hammer in MCP - prevent spammers.. Admin Center inside ACP..
New feature: Add static pages in your forum (seo friendly)..
New option: Place my own advertisements on my forum..
Updated Foroomy Chat version..
Announcements Center feature installed..
Quick Reply installed on all hosted forums..
Moderation and Promotion staff needed..
New feature: Extra header menu on forums..
Facebook style Status Feature on forums..
Hosted forums are now updated to phpbb 3.0.5..
New smilies(485) added on our hosted forums..
New: Add Users through ACP.. newsletter

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101. saro
Users: 120, posts: 1

102. tracinepbur
Users: 2, posts: 1
Burr Eddy

103. tradanconwea
Users: 2, posts: 1
Ney Augie

104. niylearala
Users: 2, posts: 1
Warwick Jill

105. lafmiremens
Users: 1, posts: 1
Morgan Aaron

106. osasingod
Users: 1, posts: 1
Sigmas Clifton

107. krilgaten
Users: 1, posts: 0

108. vpstailhosting
Users: 1, posts: 0
vps tail hosting2

109. smetter
Users: 10, posts: 0
Only for smetters

110. victoria
Users: 10, posts: 0
private forum for my family

111. thefunforumusa
Users: 1, posts: 0
Having so much fun. The best in everything fun.

112. esra
Users: 1, posts: 0
only girls

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